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JADE - feature screenplay - Animated Action-Adventure
Logline:  An ugly duckling princess fairytale about the imagined childhood of a Chinese goddess.
Listed on "The Black List: Real Time Top Lists" for month of October 2016 based on reader evaluation scores.  
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The Black List website.

MOLLY WANG AND THE LOST KINGDOM - feature screenplay - Action-Adventure
Tagline:  MOLLY WANG falls through an Einstein-Rosen bridge to a legendary kingdom of China to retrieve an ancient drug to save her father's life. 
Logline:  After falling through an Einstein-Rosen bridge to a legendary kingdom of China, a skeptical surgeon battles dragons, the Queen Mother of the West, and the Heavens themselves to obtain an ancient drug to save her father's life.  
Circulated in The Black List highlight email, Nov 11, 2013 as a highly-ranked script hosted on The Black List website.

EXCESS BAGGAGE - feature screenplay - Action-Adventure, Spy Spoof, Caper/Heist
Logline:  A chubby nerd who dreams of being a spy winds up in Mumbai chased by CIA and terrorists who mistake him for a legendary spy possessing an ancient cure for terrorism.  
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The Black List website.

HEROES - "One Of Ours"  TV series original pilot - Drama
Concept:  A ripped-from-the-headlines, military medical drama about life at a Combat Support Hospital (CaSH) in Baghdad.  "ER" in the Middle East.
Pilot logline:  Political differences bow to saving lives in Baghdad's military Combat Support Hospital. 
Pilot introduces the main characters and the fast-paced trauma-driven world of a CaSH in Baghdad.  Three people are severely injured in a car bomb explosion; a popular Iraqi doctor falls victim to followers of his own father; Nurse Alegria finds an orphan she wants to adopt; and the Devil Docs fly in a plane-load of injured soldiers and marines.
Industry professionals - For more information contact via
The Black List website.

Independent Film

an exceptionally stunning narrative all performed in DANCE
directed by the brilliant director Mitsuyo Miyazaki
scored by the famous Japanese band MONO
WWB screened "in competition" for its World Wide Premiere at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC April 16 through April 26, 2015 in the "Gallery Opening"  that included other artistic shorts by Daniel Arsham and JR. 

WHERE WE BEGIN successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign for finishing funds on November 26, 2014,  garnering over $38,000 - 23% more than the original goal.  But there is still a lot of credit card debt and festival entry and travel costs to defray so if you love Mitsuyo's work - 
support  WHERE WE BEGIN.  
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AFRIKA UNZIPPED - short version.  Documentary of Y2K in Kenya.
Features Kenya's African Heritage Millennium Festival Tour and 
American expatriate Alan Donovan.  
Includes interview with Uhuru Kenyatta, then President of the Kenya Tourism Board, now President of Kenya.  
See full 45 min version at http://youtu.be/GWp7KgorJyQ with great music by Jabali Afrika.
Winter Dance Party 2013 - Buddy Holly Tribute - Surf Ballroom